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Yesterday, I went to a novella-reading by my Creative Writing teacher, Mary Rosenblum.  It was wonderful to see her again, (I had her for a Saturday class, when I was twelve) and I haven't seen her since, although I've talked to her once online. 

So, wow.  It was great to catch up a little bit.  She's still awesome, and she was happy to know I'm still writing.
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I am Now Blond

Or as close to blond as I think I shall ever be.

My hair used to go down to my waist, but I lopped it off above the shoulders and had them put blond highlights in.  This is in celebration of my completion of DoM and to help me get over my postpartum depression once I post the last chapter.

Well, all good things, ya know?
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Just gotta say: I LOVE the new "Reader Traffic" feature.  The very big-brothery thing where they tell you what country your readers are from.  zOMG.  Empowered.

These thoughts are already on my profile, but I thought I'd put them here too.
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Terrible Experiment

I'm Alive!

Contrary to all appearances, I am still alive and now in the process of getting settled in an apartment that smells strangely of curry and marijuana.

I pray forgiveness for my exceptionally long hibernation. I've had Internet access, but I mostly used it to chat online, having rediscovered the joys of YIM.  (Anonymity + Written Word = Dangerous Amount of Time)

I have also been busy ogling a new villain: Prince Nuada. Have spent a great deal of time fangirling, as a matter of fact.

I . . . pretty much took one look at him and thought he was all that and then some. Very much looking forward to seeing him in action, despite rumors of him having rather serious personality problems including a repellent bit of twincest.

Maybe I should actually write something now instead of vaguely intending to the way I have been.
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Yay me!

Today, I beat FFVII.

Complete with breeding myself a gold chocobo, doing everybody's sidequests, and beating both Weapons (dear mercy Emerald was hard.)  My Cloud went out with Tifa (which proves that who you have in battle really doesn't effect that decision, because I barely used her at all) but I was glad of that and doubly so when later events in the game proved her to be entirely deserving of our heroic scatterbrained chocobo-head.

Figured out late in the first disc that the limit breaks have "levels" which need to be set. 


Figured out in the third disc that the materia has such useful features as "arrange" and "exchange" meaning I did not need to laboriously plink out each undesired bauble, then find it again in the jumbled mess that was my materia collection.

... Right.

Not really sure how this changes my relationship to the fandom-- although I have a vague sense that my opinions have more weight now. 

Things I learned:

-I like Nanaki.  I think more should have been done with him later in the game.

-I also like Cait Sith.  He played a fairly central role for a character that  surely has gotten glossed over in the later Squeenix works.

-I despise Cid and wish he would die.  Previously, I had little to say about him one way or another.

-Vincent is hot.  (Knew that before but it bears saying with more emphasis now.) 

-My Aeris bears a disturbingly strong resemblance to the game's Tifa-- not the game's Aeris.  (Oh well.  Wha'd you expect from an AC fangirl, anyhow?)

Now to the much-neglected other aspects of life...